Friday, May 1, 2009

Three, that's the magic number.

Welcome! This here is a blog we've made to let you in on the "thrilling" behind the scenes "action" of us making our third album. In case you don't know who we are then let us introduce ourselves - we're Ex-Boyfriends! We're a three piece "indie rock"/power pop/guitar-bass-drums-lalala-handclaps-n-harmonies band located in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Separately we are Colin (guitar, vocals, sometimes bass), Peter (bass, vocals, sometimes guitar) and Chriso (drums, sometimes backing vocals) but collectively we're a three-headed hydra of rock 'n' roll fury that will make your pants itch with excitement when you hear us shredding our way out of your speakers. Or something like that. Mainly we just love playing music and we like to share it with as many people as we can!

We'll be tracking, mixing and producing this third album with the always fantastic Aaron Hellam at Sharkbite Studios and Castle Ultimate for these first four weekends in May. How many times will Aaron say "you can do that better"? Will Peter write all of the lyrics to his songs 5 minutes before recording the vocals? How much Rolling Rock will Colin drink? How many times will Chriso pee per hour/day? Keep checking here for all these answers as well as some blurry photos and mediocre quality videos as we hurtle our way through the recording process!!

Later taters,


Sean said...

Blurry photos are cool. I am excited about a new Ex-BF record.... hope it all goes swimmingly.

anna said...

I am your first follower! HA! Tell me what to do. I'll do whatever you say.

PS: I want the EXBFs to play in Ashland. SRSLY. There's a halfway decent bar/venue here in town now. Perhaps we can make some magic happen? Hmm?

Julie McCoy said...

thank god. a new album. love the depeche mode covers. very cute. hope it all goes well!!!!