Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Eight!

Guess who was a complete and total space case and forgot to bring the camera for photographic/video capturing moments of randomness? That's right, me! But in spite of the lack of visual evidence I will tell you that yesterday was awesome. It was all about Peter doing his thing vocally and he really blew the roof off. On the past 2 albums Peter has largely contributed backing vocals and sang lead on one song , "Goodnight", the final track on In With. But this time around he's done a lot of songwriting and thus is doing a lot of songwriting. And you're so glad he did because his voice is just fantastic and you get to hear it a whole bunch.

During the course of Peter's sing-a-thon we were "treated" to the sounds of a band practicing in the studio next door. They were, for lack of a better description, The Most Boring Band Ever. We didn't know their name but Aaron and I decided it was "Stale Toast" because there was really no other choice. While being forced to hear them through the walls I came up with some really brilliant lyrics to be sung by bands made up of sensitive, heterosexual white men trying to make incredibly inoffensive "rock" music for the ladies. Here are some samples of my lyrical genius:

"I've been thinking a lot about stuff about you."
"I would like to hear about your feelings now."
"I set TIVO with a season pass for Gray's Anatomy."
"Why yes, I will gladly hold your purse while you shop for shoes."

The oddest thing about this band is how the members were decked out in tight black outfits with slashy bangs and emo stylings yet sounded like they should be playing in a beige room in beige outfits on National Beige Day. But that is kind of what the uber mainstream world of "rock" music looks like these days. Skinny dudes in eyeliner with bird hair and tattoo sleeves who look like they're gonna be all punk rock and then make Coldplay seem edgy, angry and, well, like a band that isn't totally snore-tastic.

But in spite of being submitted to this musical torture we all made it through the day and are THIS much closer to being done with the record. Soon we will reconvene to finish off Peter's vocals, record my little backing bits and polish it all up like shiny, shiny chrome. Some words that have been utilized while hearing this current batch of songs include "grand", "epic-ish", "balls out", "balls outside of the pants", "can we eat lunch now?" and "who wants to go on a beer run?" Exciting, no?

Happy day off,


anna said...

Last weekend I watched a band set up during an intermission at a derby bout. Every member save for the drummer rocked the two-tone bird hair (Black and blond! Quel original! The drummer had a buzz cut but wore Buddy Holly glasses. Also truly unique.). They all wore tight pants, button-down shirts with ties and had a slew of ink. I steeled myself for the possibility of some atrocious screamo nonsense. But NO! Instead I, and the rest of the audience, found ourselves accosted by some of the most generic wanna-be nu-metal EVAR. They also serenaded us with a cover of "Smokin' in the Boys' Room." I shit you not. FYI: this band came fully sponsored by RockStar energy drink.

Please, my dear Ex-Boyfriends, save us from these musical abominations!

Ex-Boyfriends said...

I think we would have been grateful for some generic nu metal since that would at least be peppier than the watered down Travis-esque crap we had to listen to courtesy of "Stale Toast". Maybe the 2 bands should go on tour together.

Would you hate us if we said we have a moment on our new album that is J. Geils-esue? It's not major, just a touch of the Geils, really.