Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day One!

I am going to apoligize in advance if this post has dozens of typos and sentences that make no sense. I am about to fall asleep sitting up but I wanted to post this update before drifting off to dreamland where, hopefully, Hugh Jackman is waiting to reenact all of those naked scenes from the Wolverine movie.

So! We got through our first day of tracking the drums at Sharkbite Stuidos. It's a really gorgeous space and I will promise to take some halfway decent photos of it tomorrow. I was mostly just focused on getting set up and hitting the same drum
over and over and over again while Aaron made sure the levels were perfect. While waiting to rock, Colin treated us all to a lovely serenade on a vintage keyboard.

I'm tellin' you right now that kid has talent! He should try to be a musician or something. Now I like to keep a very professional list of the songs we have to get through during the recording process. It makes for a lovely document that will last a lifetime.

You will notice the many "working titles" we have for, oh, pretty much all of the songs. There's really maybe 2 titles on there that are actual song titles. The rest are based on weird things the songs remind us of or, more likely, the three or four words that are actually sung in place of for real lyrics which have yet to be written. We are nothing if not professional and prepared when we hit the recording studio. We all took turns watching some crappy cable TV while other band members got set up and ready to record. I couldn't stand to watch any one program for every long but I did watch a 1989 Twilight Zone rerun long enough to remember that Pamela Bellwood always did more acting with her hair than, well, any other part of her being.

Finally, the time came to do the rock 'n' roll thang and wear headphones until our ears sweated disgustingly (I always wonder if they sanitize those headphones) and until I alternately loved and hated each and every new song we want to put down, depending on how many takes it took for me to nail it. We got eight out of twelve (possibly thirteen) songs tracked for drums so tomorrow will be a little less grueling but definitely no less similar to that feeling of being stuck in a casino. Seriously, every time we took a break and stepped outside I couldn't understand why it wasn't pitch dark.

You will note the addition of yet another song to the list that I had completely spaced on earlier. But don't get too attached to the title as it's probably really about pizza or outer space or something.

We ended the day with Aaron kindly reenacting a very professional, technical moment he had demonstrated earlier when letting me know how he wanted me to play my drums for part of one song.

He's truly worth every penny he earns.

And now, sleep.

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