Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day Two!

Do you see what that is? That is a list of all of the songs for our third album that are now FINISHED as far as tracking drums goes. F to the i to the n to the ished! Done-zo! Complete! For drums. And then comes guitar, bass, handclaps, tambourines, bells, whistles, etc. and the dulcet tones of Peter, Colin and my not so dulcet backing vocals. Please make note of the fact that, at the bottom of said song list, a 13th song is added. Yes! We revived a song we haven't played for years that was crying out to be included on this album. It was originally an Amscray song (Colin's old band) that was never recorded and we used to play it live. Well, now it's back in recorded form and, with some always welcome advice from the fantastic Mr. Aaron Hellam, it has some rock solid drum parts and is ready to be unleashed on the world. But to be warned, it contains some "adult themes". You know, about stuff that happens without underwear on. Gasp!

And, because you are have doubtlessly been salivating for it, here is a closer look at what it looks like at Sharkbite Studios. Try to shield your eyes from the oppulent splendor of our rockstar surroundings!

A sadly non-working Star Trek pinball machine!

A real live sound engineer tuning my drums!

A complex sound board with serious markings that only professionals can understand!

Skateboarding kitty!

And an actual musician!

But all joking aside, it was really fantastic to get to spend this first weekend of recording at Sharkbite. They have such a great room for capturing drum sounds and said drums sound huge and booming and ready to have some amazing guitar and bass played over them. I think we're all really psyched to move on to the next few phases of recording and get this album finished and ready to share with our tens of twenties of fans. I am especially thrilled (although I think I speak for all of us) that Peter has contributed a lot of songwriting to this album. It really feels like a balanced, collaborative effort and it's naturally caused our sound to evolve and grow without us changing into a whole different band. I can't wait for you all to hear it! Hopefully we will have some little preview tidbits in the near future.

Have an awesome week and check back here this weekend for more recording update goodness.

Rock and/or roll,


Julie McCoy said...

what's the amscary song? would i recognize it?
and what is the ballpark release date for the album, btw? are we talking maybe, like, august?

Ex-Boyfriends said...

1) The song is "Payback". Maybe you would recognize it? 2) Not sure yet, sorry!